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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The privacy of our customers is very important to Demure Apparel. We want our customers to be confident that their information in which they share with us is being protected. This policy will cover what information we may collect from our customers and how we may use the information.


The information which may be collected and how it’s used:

Demure Apparel may collect customer’s information in which they provide while shopping and purchasing products from This information may consist of your name, address, email address, phone number, credit or debit card information which you provide, your searches on, the devices you use to view, certain activities while viewing Our website may also collect data such as the items you view and the type of device used to access our website. We may also collect any information you send to the website and any messages you may send through this website. This information may be used to better serve our customers by bringing them the products in which they are seeking. It may also be used to provide corresponding information to provide customers with their order information, response to questions and or comments. Your personal information will be stored securely for business, reference, and/or customer service reasons.


Demure Apparel will take necessary actions to protect your personal information which you provide to our website or personnel from data loss and misuse.


Privacy Policy Changes and updates

Our privacy policy may update frequently. This updated version will be available to you here on the website. Your use of this website puts you in agreement with our privacy policy.

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