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Introducing the Demure Apparel Brand

We are proud to announce that Demure Apparel has launched our own clothing brand. There will be much more styles and clothing for women and girls in the future. Thank you for your support on helping Demure Apparel become a place where women of all ages can come and know they will ALWAYS find modest clothing. The Yolly Skirt is our first official Demure Apparel skirt and is ready for Pre-Orders. Pre-Order your Yolly Skirt today! This skirt is an A-line, banded skirt with two ruffles. This skirt will be coming soon and is available for Pre-Order. Receive a 10% discount on this skirt when you Pre-Order using code: YOLLY.

Demure Apparel Logo

Demure Apparel Yolly Skirt

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